Tribulation at Fallcrest

While dealing with Trolls, other monsters and minions of Ragamar we stayed in and around Moonstair too long. After destroying the Cauldron and Moran’s eye_destroying the thing Ragamar became because of the Cauldron_The ShadowGuard was honored with a party. The festival lasted late into the night. We stayed too long but unknowingly the people of Fallcrest needed heroes, needed us.

Upon return we discovered that many of the leaders of the community and others of Fallcrest were slain. Kobolds used tunnels that Cage allowed to be built by a Kobold tribe. The tribe of Kobolds agreed to mine silver and other ore from under the town in exchange for shelter, goods and services. Most of the Kobolds that Cage allowed in did not turn upon the town and instead were run away or killed. Slowly and insidiously an evil group of Kobolds replaced the goodly creatures. A Dragonborn controlled the monstrous Kobolds and all were part of a scheme to release a Dragon infused with Hydra blood upon Fallcrest and the rest of Omara.

Accordingly what we learned later was: A great Wizard about 60,000 years ago trapped the Dragon beneath 3 magical seals, to drain her power over time and kill this Dragon. Inviolable, otherwise it would seem. The mighty Wizard could not even slay the creature but instead only trap it and drain from it life essence. About 60,000 years later this red Dragon yet lived, but barely. The Dragonborn fell in love with this female Dragon, the idea and stories entranced the Dragonborn. Using the evil Kobolds to release the Dragon he found it too weak to live much longer. This is when the sinister evils beneath Fallcrest fed the Dragon the blood of a Hydra. The result was a monster of great terror. A 3 headed red Dragon.

The Hydra-infused Dragon attacked The ShadowGuard. Without Thatcher, guarding the town above, the rest of us were left to battle the red dragon deep beneath Fallcrest. Cage, Morgran, Corrin, Mendatis and us. As a Wilden We are born to battle horrors from the Far-realm yet the Feral majesty of this Hydra-infused red Dragon struck us with fear. For the first time We were truly afraid.

The Dragon breathed a great gout of fire and gnashed with wicked teeth. Corrin was struck what appeared to be a mortal wound from one maw but as he lay dying, cut to ribbons and bleeding…something happened. The Halfling would not give up. Still only for a few moments before Corrin arose again, screaming profanity at the red Dragon. With whirling of blades and a determined but desperate look Corrin struck home multiple telling blows. Mendatis used his magic and Cage threw a globule of deadly acid upon the beast. We saw Corrin stagger, fearing he might not survive another onslaught, and so with all our might We rushed at the horror and drove our Execution axe into the Dragons ribs. But We did not stop at this. Pushing on, legs pumping We drove the monster toward the cave wall. It stumbled back, slamming hard, its bulk causing rocks to tumble upon it. A moment later a great radiance came from out of the ceiling and seemed to hold the countenance of a dragon. This light, a Lance of Faith from Morgran landed the killing blow. With a bellow the monstrosity fell dead. Most of us had taken a beating and Corrin nearly died but we put down the single most powerful foe The ShadowGuard has ever faced.

With so many slain, some publicly executed for defiance Fallcrest needs time to grieve and above all it needs heroes to step up and assist the town. Morgran to act as spiritual leader. Mendatis to counsel in the affairs of magic and explain the magical seals and the Dragon beneath Fallcrest. Thatcher, his keen eyes to watch for danger and make others feel safe that the Ranger is watching, warding. Corrin to spin tales of the event and make everything terrifying seem just a bit more like a dream than what truly has happened, a tribulation. And us, to guard the heroes that can make a difference with words and deeds. Being so foreign to the folk of Fallcrest We can only assist so much…outsiders are not what Fallcrest needs to heal. It also needs Cage. However Cage sees what has happened as his fault. The indestructible master of war has a heart and it is bruised with the killing of his charges. Cage needs time to heal too. Not long after the resolution of our battle with the Dragon Cage felt it best he leave. The responsibility of the deaths weigh upon the Warlord and so Cage has chosen to depart from Fallcrest. A void exists in leadership of town defenses and more importantly The ShadowGuard has lost its gambit maker. If only for a time or from now on We cannot say. We think Cage may return after taking time to travel and recover. Sadly We do not know where Cage departed to or when he may return. Thatcher was give the bag of holding and this does bode that Cage may be gone for some time…Without Cage things will be hard indeed.

Also Corrin after his near death experience has chosen to travel with his people upon the river for awhile. We do not know how to contact him either and are unsure of when The Rat-god may return. Since Corrin did nearly die We understand he needs to reconnect to family, hearth. Yet leaving Fallcrest when the town is in such fragile shape did not seem the best idea to Us.

We have halfheartedly taken to guard duty and to asking the garrison to assist in some matters. We are by great and far a wane replacement for Cage.

T’tamhewnamllah, Executioner for & Guardian of Fallcrest.

Tribulation at Fallcrest

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