Shadow Guard Chronicles

The Story So Far

Our story started with the group of adventures that hailed from different places. Their names? Not many people knew them at first, but that all changed when they met each other.
Lazera and William were from Fallcrest, a city unto itself in the Ninter Vale, and long time friends that found that they both had business in the town of Winterhaven. While getting their horses and wagon ready for the trip, the two met an eladrin from the Feywild named Mindatis. Mendatis had traveled to the natural world in order to find his birthright. Mindatis also decided that he would help Lazera and William.
Lazera, William, and Mindatis met the barbarian named Balascar in route to Winterhaven when they were ambushed by kobolds. Upon reaching Winterhaven, Trever joined the group at the behest of Winterhaven’s captain of the guard. Through various means the group found out that there was a death cult near Winterhaven in a place called the Keep on the Shadowfell.
Through investigating the keep, our intrepid adventurers found the death cult was led by a human priest of Orcus named Kalarel. Orcus’ plan through Kalarel was to create a portal from the Shadowfell into the natural world and flood the natural world with undead in order to make his own kingdom of undeath. The group foiled this plan by battling Kalarel to the death; forcing Kalarel through that portal into the Shadowfell.
The group had also found a letter sent to Kalarel from someone named Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers in Thunderspire. Chief Krand requested Kalarel to send slaves to sell to duergar slavers. The group decided that this slave trade had to be stopped. Trever decided that his life would most likely last longer if he were to only work for the Winterhaven Regulars and not adventure.
Upon returning to Fallcrest on their way to Thunderspire, our adventures were joined by and enigmatic teifling warlord named Cage and an elven Paladin of the Ravenqueen named Mortimer Ash.


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