Welcome to The Shadow Guard Chronicles

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My campaign started out with a few precreated adventures starting my intrepid adventurers in the town known as Fallcrest. Due to their exploits several exciting things have been happening to them. First though let me introduce you to the group.

The group consists of the the following:

Cage – A stoic and enigmatic teifling warlord

Corrin – A halfling rogue whoes opinions of himself make up for his lack of size

Mindatis – An eladrin mage that gets a morbid sense pleasure in dealing pain

T’tamhewnamllah – A wilden lost in the natural world with a difinitive purpose

Thatcher – An elven ranger whoes skill with a bow has gone unequalled

Morgrun – A dwarf full of faith in his god and team

And if you want to read what was on their minds at the time; here are their Journal Entries!


And here is a list of baddies that the group had really put the hurtin’ on!

More to come!

Shadow Guard Chronicles

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